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Getting clients. When NLP practitioners, therapists and coaches find that they don’t get enough clients to make a living, they typically start to doubt their ability as a therapist and attend more training courses. This is great news for people like me, but it doesn’t necessarily help them get clients.


It doesn’t matter how many letters you have after your name or how many courses that you do, if you don’t have a decent marketing and business strategy, then you will not get the clients you so desperately need. And no one, and I mean no one needs or wants to see a therapist who is desperate.

This workshop was not about how to make millions or how to build a big empire. That isn’t my interest, nor is it what I know much about. But what I do know is how to market myself effectively and make an adequate living. I have serious ethical issues with those practitioners and trainers who espouse getting wealthy at the expense of their clients. Greed is not something I find attractive or desirable in any coach or therapist.

There are no “secrets”, “get rich quick”, or “fake it ’til you make it” schemes in this program.

Get more clients. You will need hard work, effort, intelligence and ability.  Lazy coaches need not bother here, I know who my imitators are.

As a wise man once wrote, you cannot polish a turd, although many will try and wonder why their life stinks.

Now, I first trained as a therapist in 1994 whilst I worked full time as a nurse in Accident and Emergency and Cardiothoracic surgery. Today, I travel to many parts of the world to deliver popular training courses, I’m in demand as a guest speaker, have been filmed by the BBC for a documentary program, frequently liaise with universities, regularly consult with television production companies and have a lot of clients. Business is very good indeed.

And you know the funny thing? I am nearly always the least qualified person in the room.

Anyway, along the way from then to now I have found a good number of costly things that didn’t work, some things that would have worked if only I’d known what I had been doing, and things that worked tremendously well regardless.

So in these video I’m going to teach you and show you those things and tell you exactly how I did it. I’m also going to show you what you need to do to go that extra step to get your business up and thriving.

Get more clients. With group exercises and practical advice and examples, some of the areas that were covered in this full 2 day workshop include:

  • GP/NHS referrals
  • how to get weekly free advertising on local radio, newspapers and magazines
  • niche market positioning and avoiding competitive rivalry
  • image and branding – standing out from the competition
  • very low cost internet marketing, effective social networking, website design
  • use of video and audio for promotion and brand awareness
  • how to use local resources to create a steady and significant stream of paying clients
  • dealing with complaints, non-payment and other common problems
  • recognising problem clients early on
  • product creation for passive income streams
  • effective use of business networking groups

To be clear: this is not a workshop about feelings or positive mindsets, nor is it about “The Law of Attraction”, the universe being friendly or about cosmic alignment. 

This is a practical workshop about what to do, not about what to feel and think.

get more clientsBrass Bollocks – Recorded Live in London in 2010 with Andrew T. Austin.

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